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The Cuenca Bross are an atypical group within the classical world. Along with their piano and Spanish guitar, José Manuel & Francisco Cuenca have traveled around the world playing great classics of Spanish music becoming two of the most international artists on the music scene in our country. Hundreds of concerts on stages com Japan, Italy, USA, Holland … among other countries attest to the talent of these two artists from Córdoba extensive discography. They are currently presenting his eighth album,  Amanecer en Granada (daybreak in Granada) recorded in the Manuel de Falla Auditorium in Granada and where they interpret unpublished repertoire of great composers like Primitivo Buendia Pico, Erik Marchelier, David R. Montanez, L. and M. Colonna Bigazzi Koichi Kishi, Angel Barrios and the proper Francisco Cuenca.


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  • -Amanecer en granada
  • - Anzur
  • -Aromas de Andalucia
  • Duo Cuenca
  • - Concierto Español
  • - Obras Españolas
  • - Recital español para piano & guitarra
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